Build management

Building project management

From this division Quares can be a partner for both owners/investors and lessees/users when it comes to coordinating building projects.  These building projects can range from reorganisations and renovations to newbuild projects.  We also have ample experience with offices and commercial premises. In short: building project management is a logical step for us.

Real estate and property management

In the capacity of mandated client and project manager we function as a discussion partner for architects, building owners, safety coordinators, contractors... to protect the interests of our client on the basis of our expertise.

Our objective in property management

Our objective as build manager is to optimise the satisfaction of our clients. We do this, during the preparation phase of your building project, by:

  • drawing up a realistic building project plan
  • compiling a highly detailed design
  • making an estimate of the investment costs.

The settlement of this stage centres on communication in order to absorb the client’s wishes as effectively as possible and to share our expertise.  This expertise is translated not only in residential building and architecture, but also in the development of interior concepts.

Our independence and knowledge of the market make it possible for us to present the most suitable contractors and appropriate prices. Our project managers keep a close eye on things to make sure that the design, budget and planning are implemented in keeping with the planned result.

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