Corporate Social Responsibility

“The challenge is to apply the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to identifying opportunities to carry through innovations and changes by means of a proactive CSR approach, yielding benefits for people, planet and profit".

Quares has clearly drawn the Corporate Social Responsibility card in the area of both its internal operations and external customer relationship management.

Procedures, methods and decisions are continuously tested to ensure that they are in line with our level of ambition concerning quality, sustainability and efficiency.

In concrete terms this means constantly seeking a balance between financial results, social interests and the environment. How that balance is achieved is largely determined by the stakeholders of Quares: its own personnel, customers, shareholders, the government, etc.).

Some examples of socially responsible activities at Quares:

  • People: mutual contribution and engagement via the People-based Enterprise project:
    • task description
    • evaluation procedure
    • pay system
    • career planning
  • Planet: sustainable enterprise through a responsible and sustainable procurement policy:
    • FSC paper
    • new photocopying equipment
    • fair trade products
    • lorries with a low CO2 emission
  • Profit: the profit aspect is always included in the substantiation of both People and Planet.

Quares has also made a start with the project People-based Enterprise, supported by the ESF (European Social Fund). The purpose of this project is to improve working conditions. Those involved in this project are encouraged to work on intake, competency management, training policy, feedback policy, motivation policy, knowledge management, leadership and structure of the employment organisation. The aim of this is to internally substantiate and anchor internally what can be taken from external quality.

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