Facts and figures

Since the beginning in 2006, quality has been a top priority for Quares. Indeed, Quares stands for Quality Real Estate Services!

  • Name: Quares (Quality Real Estate Services)
  • Business activity: Real estate services (residential, management, investment)
  • Field of operations: Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • Offices: Antwerp, Brussels, Mechelen, Sint-Niklaas, Amsterdam and Luxembourg
  • Number of employees: More than 75
  • The largest logistical property management company in Belgium
  • 4 non-listed real estate funds under management with a total investment value of € 124 million and promotor of 1 listed real estate fund met a total investment value of  € 250 million.
  • 548 residential real estate transactions in 2016
  • Quares endorses Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”)
  • Member of BIV-IPI
  • Member of RICS

Affiliated with the professional organization and supervisory authority "Beroepsinstituut van Vastgoedmakelaars - Luxemburgstraat 16B - 1000 Brussels, and subject to the applicable rules of ethics approved by Koninklijk Besluit 27 September 2006.

Quares occurs in Belgium by IPI estate agents authorized under numbers 207524 and 502735.

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