Real estate and investment funds

Investment in property via funds could be a very attractive option for you if you are someone with too little time to look into the property market and/or if you want to increase the spread in your portfolio.

Quares is currently Belgium’s biggest provider of non-listed real estate funds.  After starting in 2007 Quares now has a fund capital of € 83 million, € 21 million of which is equity capital.

Quares initiates investment funds in various property classes in the BENELUX. This is done for third-parties, for its own account and under its own name: the investment fund Quares Funds. Both institutional and private investors are able to invest from € 100,000 in such companies via this investment fund.

Current funds

  • Quares Retail Fund 2 ( A fund that invests in retail property in Luxembourg.
  • Quares Student Housing Fund ( A growth fund that invests in student real estate in Belgium.
  • CCP: € 5 million – emission of € 2 million bond loan.
  • Qrf ( € 82 million shares emission; initial real estate volume of € 114 million.

Past funds

  • Bene Real Estate was successfully concluded in 2008 with an average IRR of 15.42%.  The investment fund invests in Belgian and Dutch office premises and logistics locations.
  • QRF1 : € 52 million  – sold in 2013 with an average yield of more than 10%.
  • CC : € 20 million – emission of € 8 million bond loan – sold in 2013.

Quares is planning to further extend its investment funds. Do you want to be kept informed about when you can participate in one of our funds? If so, leave your details here.

Why non-listed property funds?

The big advantage of our non-listed investment funds is that they are not subject to share price fluctuations. The most important factor for achieving the return that we have postulated is the rental income. We are in control of this factor:

The rental contracts are long-term contracts that are in most cases longer than the term of the investment fund.

The rental agreements are indexed and provide protection against inflation.

Our Quares Management division is able to manage the premises and keep them in good condition.

Quares sets out to achieve 100% lessee satisfaction so that lessees are less likely to move to a different location.

Increasing returns meant that there is a good chance that the value of the building will have risen by the time it is sold. The investor also enjoys these indirect returns. Non-listed property investment funds generate relatively high, stable and predictable returns with a relatively low risk profile.

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