Park management

Business park management

Based on our vision that quality and sustainability go hand-in-hand, Quares has dedicated itself to the sustainable management of business parks. In this concept companies at the business parks see the multiple benefits of a long-term partnership. By working together on innovation and improvements profits can be generated in various areas and for all the parties concerned.   Quares’s current scale in terms of the procurement of support services and facilities ensures that companies gain immediate benefits from business park management in partnership with us. This economic benefit of group procurement goes hand-in-hand with environmental and spatial benefits. That way sustainability is made truly sustainable and continuity is guaranteed.

Park management for business parks

Park Management is a service for the companies present at a business park. As a sustainable park manager Quares is responsible for the day-to-day management and following up the shared services and facilities. Based on its market-oriented and creative approach Quares introduces new and innovative initiatives at both new and existing business parks. As park manager Quares occupies a central position in this concept but works at all times in close partnership with the companies, investors and public authorities involved and other relevant stakeholders.

Sustainable business park management by means of park management focuses on both the infrastructure of the business park and the group partnership between the companies present. At individual level the company reaps the benefits of what is set up and/or put in place at the other two levels.

A sustainable partnership also calls for a strong organisational structure that gives the companies the certainty they need but which also works smoothly and flexibly. That is why Quares has opted for the VZW (not-for-profit organisation) structure recommended by the Flemish government for the formalisation of partnership at business parks. Our Quares Innovation department has already gained ample experience in setting up such structures for park management and also has close ties with subsidy-issuing authorities such as the Agentschap Ondernemen (Agency for Entrepreneurship).

Professional park management has to be able to pay for itself. After a short start-up period this structure becomes economically independent of subsidies and the costs are covered by the benefits of group purchases. Park Management is sooner a gain than a cost for companies!

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