Private Investors

Quares advises private investors who wish to build or reorganize a direct real estate portfolio. We support you during acquisition, structuring, financing, management and the sale of the property. Further, we can offer extensive services such as the investment management of real estate investments in which we can fill the role of owner on behalf of our customers.

For investors who have no experience or time for the management of direct real estate holdings, Quares offers indirect investment opportunities such as real estate funds or real estate investment structures. Quares offers investors the opportunity to gain access to larger real estate portfolios than would otherwise be within their reach in order to achieve a better risk distribution.

Quares offers a range of real estate investment related services:

  • Advice in and execution of the purchase, structuring, financing and sale of a building or a real estate company;
  • Structuring and managing real estate funds;
  • Investment in a real estate fund
  • Consultancy and implementation for the (re)structuring of real estate portfolios;
  • Investment management of your patrimonium.
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