Tenants and users

Since Quares does not offer facility management services of its own, this independence from the facility market makes it possible to make an objective assessment and suggest the best price-quality ratio to its clients.

Under properly organised Facility Management the existing cost structure of the support services at a company is thoroughly analysed and balanced. That way factors such as costs, time, quality and satisfaction are optimised.

The well-considered management of these support services has a clearly perceivable favourable effect on the company’s core business and ultimate results.

The takeover of Maes Factory at the end of 2011 has enabled Quares to extend its Facility Management service in the consultancy & secondment area.  That means that our experts are able to assist your organisation with both short and long term projects.

Is your building due for a renovation?  Does your space need to be restructured owing to a reorganisation, extra personnel, flexible working? Our Build Management project managers will be able to assist you with this specific discipline in order to ensure you achieve optimum results.

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